Why can't I make a call or send a text message?

You’re outside the coverage area: If you can’t make or receive calls or text messages, you may be outside the network coverage area. Although the Roam Mobility network offers nationwide coverage in the US, there are a very few areas where coverage is not available. If you can’t see the Roam Mobility network listed on your handset display, this indicates that coverage is unavailable in your area. Please note that you can’t use the Roam network while in Canada, as it’s a US-only network.

You’re not dialing correctly: If you have network coverage, you may be using the wrong dialing format to make a call. To call any US or Canadian number, simply dial the number without any prefix.

You haven’t purchased your plan: To give you the upmost in convenience, Roam Mobility products are shipped ready to go and will work until midnight PST on the day it first connects to our network in the US. After the first day, you'll need to purchase a plan. You will not be able to make or receive calls or text messages if you haven’t purchased a plan. You'll always be able to dial 611 to reach Customer Care.

Your plan is scheduled to start at a later date: When you purchase a plan online, you can schedule your plan to start at a later date. It may be that the date you selected is still in the future. You can check your plan start date by signing in to your account, or by calling Customer Care at 611 from your Roam Mobility phone or 1.888.ROAM.4.US (1.888.762.6487).