What is your return policy?


For customers who purchase a Roam product directly from Roam’s on-line store, you can return your product WITHIN 30 DAYS of purchase (or the maximum as permitted within your province of residence) (“Return Period”). To receive a refund of the purchase price of your Roam product (less any rebates and shipping costs), you must return it (with original packaging and all contents) within the Return Period in undamaged condition and good working order. A re-stocking fee of $5 will be applicable for SIM cards and $10 for Breeze phones and Liberty Hotspots. Please contact customer care by email at for return instructions.

For Roam products purchased from an independent retailer, return to the retailer for equipment return details. If you purchased your Roam product through a dealer, the dealer’s return policy may differ from Roam Mobility Inc. policies.



There will be no refund of Service fees once the Service is activated.

Roam Mobility is not liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the purchase, use, misuse of, or inability to use the product, or arising from any repair or replacement of the product by Roam Mobility(including but not limited to loss of any information or data) or inability of Roam Mobility to make the necessary repairs, including without limitation, incidental, special, consequential damages, or loss of anticipated profits.

If Roam Mobility determines that any product or any repair or replacement completed is not covered our warranty, purchaser is responsible for all costs incurred including without limitation, the cost of all parts, shipping and labour charges for the repair or return or replacement of the product.


LOGiiX Accessories 

A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is included with all accessories. Send an email to for more information.