How do I enable data roaming?

For the Liberty Mobile Hotspot: The Liberty is preconfigured for use on the Roam Mobility network, so you will automatically connect to it when you arrive in the US.

For the Roam SIM Card: If you’re using a Roam SIM card, ensure it’s inserted into an unlocked GSM phone. (Ask your mobile carrier if you are unsure.) Please also check your network settings to ensure your phone is set to “Data Roaming On.” Lastly, please make sure you change the APN (Access Point Name) to ‘WHOLESALE’. Consult your handset user guide for instructions on how to do this, as each handset is different.

for instruction to our most popular devices, please visit this link 

For the Breeze Phone: The Breeze phone does not support data in any capacity and is intended for talk and text use only.