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Get Our SIM Card

Get our SIM card

Connect to Roam Mobility’s wireless network with our Travel SIM Card.

Tiny card with big results. Eliminate USA roaming fees with the Roam Mobility SIM card.

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Our SIM cards include adapters so they fit in any unlocked device

Each SIM card includes adapters to fit any unlocked device so you can use your own smartphone, tablet or hotspot.

When you activate, you get your own USA phone number that's yours to keep

When you activate our SIM you get a local USA phone number that’s yours to keep and reuse each time you travel.

Schedule a plan

Schedule a plan

Pick a plan and schedule when it starts so you’re connected as soon as you arrive.

Pick from any of our USA plans and enjoy talk, text and data by the day or month.

Schedule when you want your plan to start

Schedule the start date and time of your plan, so you’re connected the moment you cross the border.

Enjoy great features like free long-distance calling back to Canada and more

Enjoy features like free long-distance calls to Canada, unlimited global text messaging and more.

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Travel to the USA


Turn on your phone, connect to our network and save the SIM Card for future trips.

Snap the Roam SIM into your phone when you arrive and start using your plan right away.

You can top up anytime so it's easy to add more days or more data to your plan

Instantly top up while you’re travelling to add more days or more data.

Keep and reuse your Roam Mobility SIM Card on future trips

Once you return home, keep the SIM card and reuse the service for future trips.