1. Activate and Pick a plan

    Pre-travel convenience. Made for the traveller. Activate and schedule your plan before you leave on your trip.

    • Activate your SIM card online and you’ll be assigned a US phone number.
    • Pick one of our plans and the number of days you want service for.
    • Schedule the start date and time of your plan, so you’re connected the minute you arrive in the USA.
  2. Travel to the USA

    Just turn on your phone as soon as you’re in the USA and you’ll be automatically connected to our network

    • Insert your SIM card and turn on your device when you land in the USA.
    • Set up cellular data by changing your APN settings. Set up MMS by changing your MMS settings.
    • Reuse your device anytime you travel in the US.

      As long as you use the service once a year, your dedicated US phone number will remain active. You can even lend your phone to friends or family who need a travel phone when in the US.

  3. Top up on the fly

    Need more days? Hungry for more data? Simply top up on the fly.

    • Top up online by logging into your account and choose another plan.

    • Text the word ‘topup’ to 7850 and top up by SMS, even if you don’t have an active plan.
    • Call our toll-free number (1-888-762-6487) and top up by phone.

It’s really that simple.