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  • Refreshingly simple talk and text

    The Breeze Phone. A simple, ready-to-go solution for unlimited talk and text across the US.

  • Easy, breezy

    Get unlimited talk and text in a ready-to-go package. Just top up and go.

  • $2 per day

    Talk and text in the US is now as affordable as $3 per day.

  • No commitment

    No contract to sign. Just order what you need and top up anytime.

  • Totally unlimited

    Talk and text all you want to any number in the US or Canada.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Comes Bluetooth-ready, so you can connect to your other Bluetooth devices, from headsets to to portable speakers.

Your US roaming number

As soon as you reach the US, just turn on your phone and you’ll receive a text message with your US roaming phone number. Your US number is yours to keep as long as you use the service once a year.

Calls to Canada are free

All our talk and text plans include unlimited calls within the US and to Canada.

Dual-SIM Cards

The Breeze has two SIM card slots, so you can use your Roam SIM along with a SIM from a compatible carrier.

Quad-band world phone

Traveling overseas? The Breeze is a quad-band phone (850/900/1800/1900) which means it will work in any country. Use it in the US, Canada, the UK or Hong Kong. And with dual SIM slots, it's the perfect phone for frequent travelers.

Plan options

Whether you’re in the US for a single day or an entire month, you pay for service only when you travel. Our rates are up to 99% lower than other Canadian carriers.


The Breeze Phone connects you to our 4G network with nationwide coverage across the US, so you can stay in touch wherever you roam. Read more about our coverage

How to call and text

While in the US, you can call or text message with your Breeze US roaming phone to any US or Canadian number, as though it were a local number. There are no long distance charges to call anywhere in North America.