We’ve added a brand new plan to our lineup. It’s an unlimited Text+Data plan1 for just $1.95 a day. Only $1.95 per day! So what exactly do you get with this incredible low-cost plan? Find out below.


First off you get unlimited global texting. That means you can send an SMS or MMS2 to any number around the world. Text Mom and Dad back home in Thunder Bay. Send your BFF in London a video of your road trip. Group text your buddies while you’re on the strip in Vegas. Whatever the message, we’ll help you deliver it.


And like with all of our plans that include text messaging, you’ll be able to send and receive premium text messages and access services like Uber.


But that’s not all. You’ll also get unlimited data with your plan. That’s right. Unlimited data to keep you connected by email, or post social media updates to Facebook and Twitter.



Keep in mind that your data is throttled down to 2G speeds, which means it’s not ideal for streaming music or videos, navigating with maps or anything that’s data-intensive. If you need high-speed data, it’s best to go with our Talk+Text+Data plans, which come with 300 MB of high-speed 4G LTE data per day.


How fast is 2G-speed data? You should expect speeds up to 128kbps (kilobits per second), which means it would take you around 8 seconds to load a basic web page, or roughly 3 minutes to download a photo.


Still, this plan is ideal for people who just want to keep in touch by text message and check the odd email now and then. So if you’re worried about your teenagers sending thousands of messages while you’re vacationing, get our new Text+Data and don’t sweat the bill.


Text+Data Plan

  • Unlimited Global SMS & MMS
  • Unlimited 2G Data
  • Just $1.95 per day3 (up to 14 days)


Learn more about our Text+Data Plans >



1  You must have an upgraded SIM card on our new 4G LTE network in order to access our Text+Data Plans. Upgrade now >

2  You will need to change the network settings on your device to send and receive MMS messages. Learn More >

3  Price drops to $1 a day after the first 14 days, up to a maximum of 60 days.