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As of June 1st, Canada will be increasing cross-border shoppers returning from the USA an increased duty free rate.  The new allowance is $200 per person, four times the previous allowance of $50 per 24 hour trip. For trips 48 hours or more, the new limit has increased to $800 per person. The new duty-free rates are definitely much more manageable to adhere to for Canadians bringing goods back home. Considering the outlet deals available on American soil, the new allocated duty-free amont will allow shoppers much more freedom.


With Easter long weekend fast approaching, many Canadians will be taking this opportunity to do some shopping in the States. For seasoned cross-border travelers, long border line-ups are anticipated. One way to bypass the long boder lineup wait is to make your way to the duty free store.


For Vancouverites departing Canada, Roam Mobility products can now be purchased at the Peace Arch Duty Free Shop @PeaceArchDF), so you can grab your devices and select your service plan without having to go off course.


This weekend, Roam staff will be in-store at Peace Arch Duty Free to provide you with help selecting products that are best for your needs, as well as explaining how our services and data plans work. So go ahead, go into Peace Arch Duty Free this weekend, meet Roam staff and discover what a trip equipped with affordable roaming rates feels like.


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