Roam faster with 4G LTE

Our 4G LTE Network gives you access to faster data speeds*, improved coverage and more features.

*4G LTE speed requires a capable device. Learn more »


4G LTE is a faster data network with greater capacity and significantly improved speeds. This allows for faster downloading, smoother streaming and a better overall experience. Our 4G LTE Network covers all major metro areas in the USA including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Detroit, and more.

Roam Mobility 4G LTE Coverage Map

How To Get

If you have one of our LTE SIM Cards, then you're automatically on our 4G LTE network. Otherwise you can upgrade your existing SIM for a one-time fee of $1.95. To get started, go to My Devices and click Upgrade.

Exclusive 4G LTE Network Features

In addition to faster data speeds, our 4G LTE Network also adds several new features:

Global MMS

Send pictures, video and audio messages to friends around the world


Improved cellular coverage in urban and rural areas nationwide


Improved network performance and stability

Flex Scheduling

Buy a plan for any number of days. You're no longer limited to choosing 1/3/7/14/30 day bundles.

More Features Coming Soon

Soon we will be announcing new plans and features available to all Roam Mobility customers on our new 4G LTE Network. This includes frequently requested features like:

  • Local Numbers: choose any area code for your Roam phone number
  • Number Porting: bring your existing US number over to Roam
  • Call Forwarding: forward your Canadian number to your Roam number
  • International Long Distance: call overseas to any country

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4G LTE?
It's one of the latest standards in wireless technology it gives you speed and performance that's noticeably faster than 3G. 4G LTE makes a big difference when you load web pages, stream music or videos and more.
When will I get 4G LTE and other new features after upgrading?
After upgrading you'll have instant access to our 4G LTE Network and new features.
Do I have to buy a new SIM to get on the 4G LTE Network?
No. You can upgrade your existing Roam SIM Card.
Do I have to upgrade each of my SIMs to access the new 4G LTE network?
Yes. The upgrade applies to each SIM registered on your account, and you only need to purchase a one-time upgrade per SIM.
Do I have to upgrade each time I top up?
No. The upgrade is a one-time purchase per SIM. If you have already purchased an upgrade but are still being prompted, contact Customer Care.
Do I have to upgrade a lost or misplaced SIM?
No. If you lost your Roam SIM card, you can purchase a new SIM and upgrade that one.
What happens if I don't upgrade?
If you do not upgrade , you will not have access to 4G LTE data speeds and any features or plans launched exclusively on the 4G LTE Network.