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Travel Free From USA Roaming Fees
Unlimited Talk, Text and Data in the USA as Low as $1 Per Day

Roam Mobility SIM Card
Roam SIM Card
Tiny card. Big results. Use our SIM card in any unlocked device to get unlimited talk, text and data.
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Breeze Dual-SIM Phone
Breeze Dual-SIM Phone
An unlocked, dual-SIM phone with a QWERTY keyboard and packed full of features including Bluetooth Connectivity.
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Que 5.5 Smartphone
Que Unlocked Smartphones
Dual-SIM, unlocked Android smartphones including accessory pack and SIM Card. Available in 4.5", 5.0" and 5.5" sizes.
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If you are a frequent traveller down south, these plans make it easy to setup everything in Canada before you arrive in the U.S. I like the fact all talk and text is unlimited to and from Canada/USA and includes caller ID and voicemail.
Roaming charges are the big, bad wolf of the wireless industry. And if you happen to be a Canadian with a predilection for crossing the US border, you've likely incurred the wrath of those fees. Enter Roam Mobility.
Engadget Mobile
Roam Mobility is a great option for both frequent and infrequent travelers to the US – especially because the SIM card does not expire. I will definitely be using this service with my unlocked iPhone the next time I head across the border.