Data settings for Apple iPhone & iPad

In order to use data with Roam Mobility you will need to configure the APN or Access Point Name on your device. You can do this by clicking on the following link from your iPhone or iPad and instal the configuration profile: 

To make things easier while you are in transit you may want to bookmark this page on your device.


Please note that if you install the profile while in Canada you will not be able to use data with your Canadian carrier until reverting back to your carrier's original APN settings.


Once you return from your trip you will need to un-install the profile by following the instructions below:


- Select Settings > General

- Click on Profile to view the Roam Mobility profile.

- Click Remove and then Remove.




You can also configure the APN on your device manually by following the steps below:

iOS 6

- Select Settings
- Select General
- Select Network or Cellular
- Select Cellular Data Network
- Under Cellular Data Network configure as seen below

  APN: roam 
  Username: <blank>
  Password: <blank>

- Save the setting and restart your phone


iOS 7

- Select Settings
- Select Cellular
- Select Cellular Data Network
- Under the Cellular Data section change the APN to the word roam (Username & Password should be blank)
- Scroll down and under the Personal Hotspot section change the APN to the word roam (Username & Password should be blank)

- Save the setting and restart your phone






Note: Only select models of the Apple® iPhone® and iPad® include the WCDMA 1700/2100 MHz bands, and may not function on Roam Mobility's 3/4G network in cities where 3/4G is not yet available on the 850/1900 MHz bands. Please see the following link for more details on coverage