Using the iOS configuration file to setup the APN on iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad and plan on using data with Roam Mobility you will need to configure the APN (Access Point Name) on your device to wholesale.

Intalling the configuration file

One way to setup the APN on your device is to install the Roam configuration file. You can install the profile directly to your device by visiting on your device's browser (screenshots below). This will require you to have a data connection.


Note that installing the configuration profile while in Canada will override your Canadian carrier's settings and turn off your data connection. Here are a few suggestion on how to use the configuration file and get ready before going on your trip.

1. Visit from your desktop computer. This will automatically download the configuration file to your downloads folder. You can then email yourself the file as an attachment and access it from your iPhone later without a data connection. 

2. Use a third party app like Dropbox or Google Drive to store the file and access it from your iPhone later.


3. Last resort - find a WiFi connection and install the file using our URL

Removing the configuration file

Once you return from your trip you will need to remove the profile installed in order to use data with your Canadian carrier. 

Settings > General. Click on Profile to view the Roam Mobility profile. Click Remove and then Remove.