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Daily Plans

Enjoy savings of up to 99% compared to roaming rates charged by other Canadian carriers. And, because you can pre-pay and top up any time, you'll never get caught by overage charges or hidden fees.


$195per day
Purchase Plan


$295per day
Purchase Plan


$395per day
Purchase Plan

Additional Days*

$1 per day for plans after 14 days

Incoming and outgoing calls to any U.S. phone number.

Nationwide talk



Send and receive text messages to over 200 countries around the world. Includes premium SMS services.

Global Text




4G LTE is a faster data network with greater capacity and significantly improved speeds. This allows for faster downloading, smoother streaming and a better overall experience.

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4g lte data**

300MB 400MB/day

2G data is slower than 4G LTE, reaching a maximum speed of 128Kbps, so it's good for sending and receiving email and updating social media. If your plan includes 4G LTE, your usage will come from the high-speed amount until it’s all used up. Then you’ll be throttled down to unlimited 2G data for the remainder of your plan.

2g data



No-limit Data. We give you all your data up front so you can use it whenever you want.

MMS (multimedia messaging) lets you send photos, audio clips, videos and other media from your phone.

Global MMS



Send and receive long-distance calls to Canada at no additional charge.

long-distance calls
to canada



Get incoming caller ID and store up to 15 voicemail messages.

voicemail + caller id



*4G LTE requires a capable device and is not available in all locations. Actual coverage, and speed may vary. Visit www.roammobility.com/lte-devices for details. **Up to a maximum of 60 days. Data is throttled to 2G speed after your 4G LTE data is used up.

Unlimited USA roaming plans  for Canadian travellers

Looking for unlimited USA roaming plans that are flexible, affordable, and commitment-free? Look no further than our daily plans – Talk+Text+Data, Talk+Text, and Text+Data.

Whichever plan you choose, you'll enjoy savings of up to 99% compared to rates charged by other Canadian carriers. And because you can prepay and top up any time, you'll never get caught by overage charges or hidden fees.

How far can you roam with Roam Mobility? Our US roaming packs give you access to our 4G LTE network, with nationwide coverage across the USA, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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Plans by the day
No contracts or commitments
Long-distance calls to Canada
No overage fee
Pre-schedule your plan
Your own USA phone number
Made for travellers
Hotspot tethering

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Use our SIM Card in your unlocked smartphone, tablet or hotspot to talk, text and enjoy the web without limits across the USA.

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