1. Choose the right device

    Eliminate roaming fees by connecting directly to our US network.

    • If your phone is locked, pick up the Breeze.
    • Need Internet access only? Choose the Liberty.
    • Have an unlocked device? Swap out your SIM.
  2. Pick a plan

    Pre-travel convenience. Benefits include free calls within the US and back to Canada,
    plus voicemail and caller ID.

    • Get unlimited talk and text from $3/day. No contracts, monthly fees or hidden charges.
    • Pay for service only when you travel. You can set up your plan to start right away or schedule it for an upcoming travel date.
    • Data plans are valid for 30 days and rates start at 6¢ per megabyte – that’s at least 90% less than other Canadian carriers. See our data calculator.
    • Whether you use the Breeze phone, or use a Roam SIM card for your unlocked device, you will get a US phone number that’s yours to keep. +1 (555) 123-4567
    • Don’t worry about overage fees. All our talk and text plans include unlimited calling and texting within the US and back to Canada.
  3. Travel to the US

    Just turn on your phone as soon as you’re in the US and you’ll be automatically connected to
    the 4G network. You’ll instantly receive your US number via text message and email.

    • People can call and text your US number, and you can forward your Canadian number. Forwarding fees will vary depending on your carrier.
    • If you’re swapping your Canadian SIM card with a Roam SIM card, your Canadian service will still be active. Consider changing your voicemail greeting to notify contacts of your US number.
    • Reuse your device anytime you travel in the US.

      As long as you use the service once a year, your dedicated US phone number will remain active. You can even lend your phone to friends or family who need a travel phone when in the US.

  4. Top up on the fly

    We know the importance of flexibility. That’s why our plans are prepaid with
    no contracts and instant top up.

    • We’ll send you a text and/or email when you’re nearing the end of your plan so you’ll always stay connected.

      Sign in to your account anytime to see details of your current and previous plans.

    • To add more days to your plan, top up online, by phone or via text message.
    • To add more data, top up online or by phone.

It’s really that simple.