2015 Holiday Gift Ideas for Techie Travellers


If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect gift for the techie traveller on your holiday shopping list, here are a few great last-minute gift ideas to help you out:


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Comparing Roam Mobility's New Mexico Roaming Rates to Other Canadian Carriers


We recently expanded our network into Mexico so Canadians can enjoy affordable talk, text and data anytime they travel to Mexico. So how do our new prepaid Mexico Roaming Plans compare to the add-ons offered by other major Canadian Carriers? Read more to find out.


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Roam Mobility Launches Lowest Price Wireless Service for Canadians Travelling to Mexico


Súper! Fantástico! Excelente!


Our thoughts exactly! We’ve expanded our network into Mexico so Canadians can enjoy affordable talk, text and data and stay connected with friends at the resort or family back home. To learn more about our prepaid Mexico roaming plans, what’s included and how much they’re going to cost, please read on.


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Activate a New Roam SIM in December and Get Your First Day of Service Free


To take advantage of this limited time offer, all you have to do is activate any new Roam Mobility SIM card between December 1-31, 2014 and you’ll automatically get a $3.95 credit added to your account. That’s enough for a free day of unlimited Talk+Text+Data service! For more information about this special offer, please read on.


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9 Things Canadian Snowbirds Should Know Before Travelling to the USA


While it would be great to just pack up your things and take a nice long trip down south, there are many important things to consider before heading south for the winter. The list below should help you get things in order and avoid common mishaps that snowbirds may face when travelling outside the country for an extended period of time.


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Top US Destinations for Canadian Snowbirds


Heading south of the border is an attractive option for many Canadians, especially during the colder winter months. Snowbirds commonly travel down south for the winter to enjoy the warmer weather and recreation, and with countless places to go in the Southern United States, choosing your favourite spot can be a challenge.


Our top 5 US destinations for Canadian Snowbirds combine some old favourites with a couple up and coming destinations, including spots from Florida, Arizona and California. Read on to see the full list.


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Choosing the right travel insurance for Canadian Snowbirds


Whether you are a snowbird taking a short trip down south or staying for an extended period of time, choosing the right travel insurance is a critical part of planning your trip. But how do you choose the best plan for your needs and avoid costly mistakes?


We've put together a list of 5 common mistakes made when choosing snowbird travel insurance so that you can avoid them when picking a plan.


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Everything Canadian Snowbirds Need to Know About US Taxes


If you're planning to travel south for the winter this year, there are a few important tax implications you should be aware of before you make the trip. We've compiled a list of key things Canadian Snowbirds need to know about taxes in the USA. Read on to learn more.


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Comparing Rogers' Roam Like Home Add-on to Roam Mobility's Prepaid USA Roaming Plans


Rogers recently introduced their new Roam Like Home offer, which gives their Share Everything Plan subscribers the ability to tap into their domestic plan’s talk, text and data while in the USA for an extra $5 per day.


On the surface $5 per day seems like a fairly good deal, but is the offer really all it’s made out to be? And how do these new rates compare to Roam Mobility’s USA roaming plans? Read on to find out.


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